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            Dezhou Jiatong Machinery Co., Ltd is located in economic development zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China. Our company mainly manufactures oilfield drilling, oil extraction machinery equipment and parts. Our company has over 90 sets of large-sized and medium-sized machine tool equipment, for example milling machines, boring machines, gear hobbing machines, etc.  Our pumping unit reducers and mud pump parts are sold to China's major oilfield and America, Brazil, Canada, Middle East, etc. Our Gardner Denver and other duplex mud pump hardened steel liners and other related fluid end parts are sold very well in America and Middle East market.               

            Our products include double-circular-arc cylindrical gears and involute gear reducers of various models. Main product models include 13HB, 26HB, 37HB, 48HB, 53HB, 73HB, 89HB, 114D, 160D, 228D, 320D, 456D, 640D, 912D and API228, API320, API456, API640, API912, etc.

            Our mud pump fluid end part products are designed to meet internationally renowned brand mud pump, for example, Emsco, Gardner Denver, National, Oilwell, Ideco, Skytop/Brewster, OPI, Wirth, Wilson, Gaso and UNB-600, UNBT-950, UNIBT-950A, UBT-400, BT-600, UB-590, 8T650-01, 3PN-1600, UNBT1180, UNBT1180L, NBT-600, 8T-310, 8T-650 etc. 

            Dezhou jiatong machinery co.,ltd is proud to announce that we were granted in February of 2014  API-7K certification and API-11E certification .Our company adheres to “people foremost, keep improving” concept. We do our best to provide quality products and services for our customers. We join hands with all partners in creating a better future. 

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